About Us


Louise is a Kent based Illustrator, who has been studying illustration for the past three years, and is set to graduate this summer.
She mostly uses watercolours, inks, pens and pencils and is also a keen bookmaker. Interests include children's book illustration, working on location and drawing people.
Email: louise@whirlygig.me
Blog: louises-sketchbook.blogspot.com/

Vicky Webb is an illustrator based just South East of London, her interests lie in British culture, general anthropology and watching people, the environment, mathematics and pattern.
She largely uses water colour, acrylic, and computer based image making software.
Vicky has 2 years experience as a Poster designer and 1 year as a web designer for a local youth music organisation, called Youth of Generation Gigs Association aka 'YOG'.
She is currently working for James Villas as an artworker.
Email: vicky@whirlygig.me
Blog: crumpetsandcrabsticks.blogspot.com

Jane enjoys illustration with an emotional and mysterious direction. She likes sad, happy and funny things and is especially fond of art which tells a story. Frequent inspirations are words, the past, animals and nature.

Preferred mediums include watercolour, inks, acrylic paint and anything which makes for interesting linework. She has also recently been making use of Photoshop and Illustrator. Jane will graduate from the University for the Creative Arts in Maidstone in Summer 2010.
Email: jane@whirlygig.me
Blog: janelikesyou.blogspot.com/

Jacqueline is fascinated by finding the bizarre in the everyday, or turning something mundane into something special. Other interests include British eccentricity, theatre, costume, drama, the extrovert. She works mainly with pen & ink, watercolours and photography.

Email: jacqueline@whirlygig.me
Blog: analoguejac.blogspot.com/

WHIRLYGIG | JENNIFER BURKEJenny is inspired by nostalgia and looking back through time, but also enjoys fantastical narratives with a surreal or slightly dark subject or theme. Literature, particularly from the nineteenth century, is also an important influence. Jenny loves the smell of paint and prefers to work with acrylics, watercolours and inks as well as a trusty pencil. She sometimes ventures into PhotoShop®, but not too often. Jenny will graduate from the University for the Creative Arts in summer 2010.
Email: jennifer@whirlygig.me
Blog: jennyburke.blogspot.com/